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Making chevron

Chevrons come in our everyday life from the army, where they are used as insignia. Inordinary life the characteristic stripes are mostly often used as part of the uniform for

security and money collection personnel, etc. Chevron may vary in appearance and design, however, the main attribute is the quality of embroidery and fabric which it is applied on.

In former times, the chevrons were performed manually, and it was considered that only with the help of hand embroidery it is possible to achieve a perfect result. However, it turned out that it is not true. With the advent of modern embroidery machines and spreading their technical capabilities the machine embroidery has successfully replaced hand-made embroidery in many areas. In particular, the production of chevron by machine embroidery gives much more space for further details than any other technique. Concerning the design of chevron, it is labor intensive and creative work, which is a second nature to the true professionals, such as employees of company LADNA.